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Small man a-begging

marciadottin, marciadottin@nationnews.com

Added 20 December 2012


For the last foUr years, Barbados’ tourism has taken a beating, and what I see is a growing trend of big tour operators pushing the small ones out of business. Let me explain. The big bosses control the transport system, and the smaller operators must go cap in hand, begging for work. Hotels now have their very own taxis and are offering free shuttle services to Bridgetown, and tours at low rates, thus putting regular taxi drivers out of work. Is this fair? Could they not contract taxi operators to do this? And, the Barbados Tourism Authority too seems to have forgotten the small operators who are willing to work for it. Politicians are always talking about the small man; now is the time to help him lure cruise ship visitors, and not have to rely on the leftovers.  

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