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beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 04 January 2013

Celebration of independent nationhood is a suspended action that is completed only by the manifestation of sovereignty. Independence bears the same relationship to sovereignty as colonialism to imperialism: The former is a prescription for “free will” and the latter a circumscription of freedom by absolute fee simple and restrictive covenants pertaining thereto. Colonialism has never been anything else but local government exercises by settlers subject to ultimate endorsement by the Imperial power in acquiescence to the petitions of the settler’s various lobbies. Independence as “full internal self government” is autonomy achieved by severance from the necessity of overt endorsement of colonial legislation expressive of self government and freedom from the sovereignty of an Imperial power. Colonialism is self inflicted; Imperialism is imposed. There must be some degree of consternation when the fact emerges that before the electorate of the colony (now a nation) is apprised, the effects of United States law dictate acquiescence in Barbados because “failure to comply simply wasn’t an option for Barbados”. This capitulation coming so soon after abstention from the Palestinian vote in the UN General Assembly should make the citizen wonder: What is all the fuss about independence without sovereignty? Has the “national status” of Barbados been reduced to that of Puerto Rico in the imperialism of the US Dollar? What is the purpose of two Houses of Parliament except as a museum in Bridgetown and its Garrison as UNESCO property if the laws purported to be made there are dictated in New York and Washington with even more stringency than in London before 1966? How short the respite seems between God Save The Queen and God Bless America.

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