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beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 08 January 2013

For years now, I have been hearing people around me complain about LIME’s service, or lack thereof. My daughter went to the Warrens branch last Wednesday to transact business and was met with a sign on the door stating that that branch was closed on January 2 because they were carrying out a management changeover. On Thursday, I went myself to Warrens to conduct business and was met with a similar sign, only it mentioned January 3 and 4 as the dates that that branch would be closed. So I proceeded to the Windsor Lodge branch (the main office) since I interpreted the sign at Warrens to be referring only to that branch. Alas! The Windsor Lodge door bore the same sign. I receive text messages from LIME at various hours of the day or night, including the wee hours of the morning sometimes, on various promotions, trying to get me to buy products and services. Why could they not have sent a broadcast text to us, the customers, stating they would be closed? Yet I received a text on Friday from LIME about an event they were sponsoring the following day. Is the emphasis only on sales and income? What about the inconvenience that the public faced in arriving at sales outlets only to find them closed . . . and for three working days! It does not seem as though this company really cares about us, the clients. Is it because it is cutting back on payroll costs? But yet we can hear on the news how many millions were made in profit. I consider myself to be less than a drop in the ocean but I decided to write this letter to represent the other drops in the ocean. To the management at LIME, consider this – the ocean is made up of many drops. LIME is the main service provider but some customers switch to the competition to get better service and I do not hear complaints about them. As for the rest of us, do we just have to “suck it up” since we haven’t much choice?

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