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The time for change has come

shadiasimpson, shadiasimpson@nationnews.com

Added 11 January 2013


Just like the United States and the Obama administration, Barbados needs to embark on a new path to economic prosperity for all of its citizens. The stagnant growth in the Barbados economy in the last few years and the increasing debt load will relegate Barbados to Third World status and economic decline if the present policies are allowed to continue unchecked. Since tourism is supposed to be Barbados’ main revenue earner, more money should be poured into that sector, particularly in areas like Canada, Britain and the United States, where the economies are rebounding and growth is expected in the next few years. Attention needs to be paid to getting large groups of business people and organizations to visit Barbados in order to be in a position to promote Barbados’ local tourism product in their native countries. The present political climate in Barbados does not appear to be conducive to the expansion of tourism overseas, so a major change at the political level may be what the country needs to jump start the tourism sector and lead Barbados to greater economic prosperity in the future because where there is no vision, the people perish.

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