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Open Fairchild Street Terminal bathroooms daily

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 28 January 2013

As a member of the travelling public, I frequently have to use the public service vehicles to go about my business. On Sunday, December 30 last year on my way to church I wanted to use the bathroom facilities at the River Terminal and was told that the bathrooms are closed on Sundays. This bus stand is used by hundreds of people on Sundays who need to go to church and get to work. When I asked the guys that were working "what do they do when they needed to use the bathroom", I was told that they have to go behind the stalls to relieve themselves and I was shown the hand sanitizer that they have to use afterwards. This practice can only bring about a number of health issues and it must be stopped. It is a basic human right that at a place of work you should have access to bathroom facilities, and it is unfair that this sector of our working community should be treated in this manner. I am calling on the relevant authorities to attend to this situation as soon as possible to bring relief to these workers and the members of the travelling public.

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