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Barbados needs a small airport

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 07 February 2013

Serious consideration should be given to the building of a small airport or airfield in the parish of St Lucy as a deterrent to criminal activity off the northern coast of Barbados. It could be funded with assistance from the Organization of American States and the Canadian and United States governments, all of whom have a vested interest in Caribbean security. If drug smugglers and other criminal elements know that there is such a surveillance-equipped facility in the northern part of the island, they would probably think twice about trying to smuggle drugs into Barbados through that part of the island. It would be a worthwhile investment by all of the parties involved and would pay substantial dividends down the road, so whichever political party wins the general election should make it a priority for the near future. There are countries that are smaller than Barbados that have multiple airports or airfields that serve an important purpose in crime fighting and military training; so Barbados needs to elevate itself to that level of development. Not only would it provide law enforcement with additional tools and resources but would also provide employment for some of our northern brethren and contribute to the expansion of the Barbados economy as well. It would also be beneficial to Canada, Britain and the United States who all have a stake in the security of the Caribbean in general.

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