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Cow's milk only for drinking?

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 12 February 2013

Even before the end of Hilary Term when there will be a PhD in every Barbadian household, the dairy farmers’ lobby should have been able after so many nights around the table to get restrictions placed on the import of goods that adversely affect the quota acceptable at Pine Hill for processing and distribution of domestic production. Nature abhors a vacuum and therefore wastes nothing that it creates even in profusion to fulfil its purpose. Man on the other hand, indulging the cult of idleness in the comfort zone of habit, with the perversion of a Midas touch, wastes everything on which he puts his hand. Never more so than in the abridgement of the natural process of procuring his food. He appropriates cow’s milk for his own luxurious use and substitutes artificial nurture for the calves that are deprived of their natural food. When the demand for human consumption of cow’s milk falls below the profuse natural supply that is misappropriated, is the surplus realized ever restored to its original purpose? No! Clever man, indulging the comfort zone in habit, would resort to waste by dumping the excess as unprofitable. The moral of this observation is that enterprise with imagination deserts the comfortable rich and seeks refuge among the hungry poor like opportunity in search of means and ability. The clement questions are: Is the only use for cow’s milk in Barbados the processing and istribution for human consumption? If it is, why should any substitute be imported before the total domestic supply is exhausted by demand? Who makes the laws of this country that regulate supply to meet the demand for local production? Where are the Cave Hill PhDs of enterprise and invention of means to match opportunity in reality? Without that capacity what is education worth?

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