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Policies unrealistic

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 18 February 2013

Owen Arthur’s policies will destroy Barbados. Under his watch, the price of land in my development increased from $6 per square to $20 per square foot. Then there was the unbridled illegal immigration that threatened to permanently change the racial composition of this island and overburden our educational, health and housing sectors all in pursuit of Arthur’s grandiose, ill-conceived quest to prepare a budget for six million people under CARICOM Single Market and Economy. Are we going to allow this? The current government by Arthur’s account is borrowing money from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) to pay salaries. So from where and how soon will Arthur find money to pay CLICO policyholders, remove taxes on allowances, subsidize electricity and gasoline, return Value Added Tax (VAT) to 15 per cent, pay Al Barrack and increase civil servants’ salaries? These measures all have the effect of increasing demand for and ruining our foreign reserves at a time when the United Kingdom, European Union and United States economies are in recession. It is irresponsible nonsense to chance our foreign reserves in this unpredictable climate. It is sad that intelligent well-informed people actually believe he can do these things. If anyone else said such things people would say they are mad. But such is Arthur’s brand name. We must be reminded that charismatic leaders like Forbes Burnham and Michael Manley destroyed their countries’  economies. The BLP will do the same here. We must not believe that the Barbados Labour Party’s campaign is being financed by car washes, fish cakes and cake sales. My suspicion is that funding is coming from activists who wish to rewrite the Barbados Constitution to pursue an anti-God, anti-religion agenda. Are we going to allow this? We must vote for Freundel Stuart and the Democratic Labour Party.

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