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Let's hope the win is not blown

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 19 February 2013

Whoever wins the political battle of all battles in Barbados 2013 will have to blow their political bagpipes in “The Win”. The air of that prospective win is filled with promises that they say are sustainable. But it is always a “wait and see”. The wait is now short, but the “see” is pregnant with suspense. There’s no doubt that the economic clouds are very dark, so innovation must be the order of the day – and the economic night. I take no side, but my stance is innovation, and to effectuate our national motto of Pride And Industry. More national sustainable industries – only tourism, on decline due to the recession – for more foreign exchange, with more foreign ideas. Barbados has some of the brightest political and economic brains in the Caribbean and indeed the world, due to our free good education and literacy rate. So “The win” Government, when the time comes, should capture this, along with innovation, to change things for the much needed better. A win is a win is a win. And a loss is a loss is a loss. But whoever wins should not lose it five years from the present due to the loss of ideas and innovative implementations. Otherwise they would blow “the win”.

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