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School bullies are really cowards

marciadottin, marciadottin@nationnews.com

Added 21 February 2013

Yet another bully has emerged at a secondary school. He showed his indecent behaviour at the recent sports day. The joker, who is a fourth former, saw another boy one year his senior with a pair of shades and demanded them. Of course, the senior ignored the request and received a slap to his face from the bully. The senior returned with a back hand slap and thought the matter had ended there. Can you imagine that the bully, who is from St Philip, gathered a group of other boys from his hometown, some who don’t even go to school, to lie in wait for the senior student? The senior, fearing for his life, ran back into the school and a teacher decided to drive him home. We talk about all these school bullies but what is clear and apparent to me, and I believe a lot of us, is that these so called bullies are really cowards. You mean to tell me that you demand my shades with threats, I refuse to hand them over, you proceed with your threat and I counter. You can’t handle my rebuttal and you are going to bring a gang to beat me up? For what? Something that is mine! You have to be mad! This reminds me of the boy who was killed in Oistins for his own cellphone. Parents, teach your boys and girls to respect other people’s property. Everybody is not going to hand over the shades or the cellphone. Don’t let the day come when some parent comes to the school and “tek out” one or two for interfering with their child. Teach “wunnah” children if you don’t have it, left it. A word to you, even if you are not so wise, is enough. Stop being a bully, you coward!  

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