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Mia doesn't need to be over eager

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 21 March 2013

I can appreciate Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley wanting publicly to impress her parliamentary colleagues, especially the so-called “Gang Of Five” who would have caused her great anguish two to three years ago. But she needs to be mindful that in her eagerness to impress and march toward her previously stated goal of being Prime Minister some day she does not bring social and political ridicule upon her intelligent head. Whether it was at her instigation or not, the image of business leaders heading towards her official office [as was reported in another section of the Press] for consultation last week somehow looked odd, especially when there was no image of them previously heading to the Government’s corridors of power, where suggestions and consultations would be better served.   My first impression, given the nature of our Government structure and the relative impotence of an Opposition, was that the meeting was either to discuss Barbados Labour Party (BLP) election financing of February 2013, or BLP election financing of 2018. But that was minor compared with the “riot” to be found in your last SUNDAY SUN. The Estimates were laid last week and here we have Miss Mottley, as usual, holding her strategic Saturday Press briefing, outlining what the Estimates should and should not say, what Government should and should not do. I know Opposition parties oppose, but most of them, if not all, wait until the Government says or does something before they oppose it. Mottley created history on Sunday by introducing to Barbadians what can only be deemed a pre-emptive strike or, more to the point, a pre-emptive, pre-opposing opposition to the pre-presentation of the Government’s Estimates.

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