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When wrongs become 'rights'

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 25 March 2013

There is a worrying trend in our society today which I feel compelled to write about. It is evident that “wrongdoings” in my dear, sweet, little rock can be justified, explained and eventually passed off as “right”. Had I not proper upbringing by a poor, single mother, some days I think I may falter to rationalizations of a few. My mum placed emphasis on those things that make us human; stuff like character-building, looking out for each other, et cetera. Our family isn’t perfect but, thanks to her many sacrifices, our social fabric is intact even if our bank books aren’t. Daily I thank God for her and the lessons she taught me which help me to have a clear picture of that which is “right” and that which is “wrong”. The most recent and publicized cases in point which have me baffled are: 1.  Raul Garcia falsely entered my island and was found guilty of having in his possession a trafficable amount of deadly “cocaine” (not marijuana) enough to take out an entire community of our future generation. Yet I keep hearing he has “rights”. 2.  Squatters live on and have claimed as their own land that is not theirs (by their own admission) and refuse to take a $1 million settlement offered by the rightful owners. Yet I keep hearing they have “rights”. 3.  A troubled teen that seems hell bent on the wrong path in life, even after her mother tirelessly sought the help of every juvenile Government agency in trying to save her from herself, gets a sound beating. The girl also admits she has a dark side. Yet I keep hearing she has “rights”. 4.  Gays and lesbians parade through the streets of our City daily. Some are paedophiles picking off our school-aged children with promises of money and a better life. Yet at times I feel as if their “rights” may very well supersede mine. 5.  A group of teachers have not reported to the schools which they have been transferred to for an entire term. They have blatantly refused to follow the direct orders from their employers but they are still being paid. Yet I keep hearing that they have workers’ “rights”. Space and time permit me to deal with only five. But there are many more cases which come to mind. I love my island home and although I’ve been to other places I still believe it’s the best place on earth. But if we continue to bend and waver to accommodate the growing “wrongs” in this country, soon there will be no place for what we all know to be “right”.   Then we ask why our youth are so wayward and confused.

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