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Tourists must be better protected

beadottin, beadottin@nationnews.com

Added 02 May 2013

I have been coming to Barbados since 1982. Although I have heard of the odd crime against a tourist over the years I've felt it was mainly under control by the Police Force and always felt reasonably safe. However, in the past five years, crime has escalated and this year, in particular, it has become unsafe to walk out even in daylight. This week alone, in just two days in the Dover area, a friend of mine was mugged in front of Love & Care, another friend was robbed in her own apartment on Headley Road, and another lady was robbed of her bag in the area.  On the third day, I was walking on 1st Avenue Dover Gardens to go to the beach when two young men stopped walking on the road ahead and came part-way down the road I was on and just stood there, one on each side of the road. This struck me as unusual behaviour and made me notice them. They also fit the description of the men who had robbed my friend on Headley Road. I immediately turned around and went home. If you expect tourists to continue to visit, desperate measures must be taken immediately. The police must interact more with tourists, drive more slowly and be visible in all areas, not just The Gap. The armed forces should also be used, if necessary.  Will I and many others return next year? That will depend on the measures taken to resolve this issue.

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