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Added 14 October 2012


MORE THAN 30 CURRENT and future athletes ignored threatening skies to take part in the inaugural Preseason Beach Challenge organized by national coach Alwyn Babb at Brandons Beach, St Michael, yesterday. Hailed a tremendous success by Babb and all of the participants who ranged in age from nine years to adults, the activities involved sprints, jumps, sit-ups, push-ups, throws and other fun challenges all designed to makes the athletes stronger and raise their level of fitness in the off-season.   The broad smiles and cheerful laughs also underscored the success of the challenge. However, while Babb was pleased with the enthusiasm and keenness of those who turned out, he was disappointed that only athletes from Pacers and Rising Stars clubs took part.   “This is a great opportunity for the athletes to see where they are in terms of fitness and strength and it is a disappointment that they did not seize the offer,” he said. However, the coach said the overcast conditions might have affected the turnout as he was confident that girls’ champions Springer Memorial would have taken part. Parents watched from the sidelines and also cheered on their charges. A second event is being planned for November with Babb expecting a much bigger turnout on the eve of the 2013 athletic season. (KB)

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