BNB bungle


Added 14 October 2012


WITH ALL THE TALK of divestment of state assets, there is at least one former Government-owned entity which union boss Sir Roy Trotman would like to have renationalized. It is the now defunct Barbados National Bank (BNB), which was recently renamed the Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited, in recognition of its majority non-Barbadian owners. While making it clear he had nothing against the Trinidadian company involved, Sir Roy revealed in a SUNDAY SUN exclusive interview that he was strongly opposed to the sale of BNB which for him was “one of the signs of true independence”. “I feel very strongly about the Barbados National Bank now being the Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago,” said Sir Roy, general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) and a former BNB director.

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