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Added 14 October 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Today’s front page story in the Sunday Sun has our online readers talking. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart who claimed that the sleeping giant had been awakened, was out canvassing yesterday in three St James constituencies.  There he revealed that his government would not be there for one term, and endorsed the  party’s handling of the country’s affairs. Our online readers were quick to share their views. J.C.P: All yuh late for mails. Bees- been ready. Almost got the whole beehive completed by now. The honeycombs are installed, all that is needed now is for the Queen Bee to get de party started. I wish he would stop saying elections coming and let them come. Paul Arthur: No no buddy--the army that is eager to war marches into the ambush blindly. Michael Lewis: Hmm..So it is possible to sleep with your eyes open at the "wheel". Maybe just maybe things may turnaround or is it too late? Spooner Lorraine: It just might be too late. Afterall, this is Bajan elections we talking about and Bajans don't skylark when it comes to politics, if yuh ain't bringing nain yuh gone. Simple at that nuh lotta long talk. Jamar Hinkson: It's truly amazing when society wanted answers from the pm that he was mute and kept himself distant from society and now all of a sudden he wants to go walking around with candidates knocking on doors smh. A PM for the people and of the people listen to the people and not use the people (just to get a vote). Dems time coming to an end and please stop using the slogans of the Obama campaign.

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