Three angels for mum


Added 15 October 2012


YOU MAY HAVE heard of Charlie’s Angels; now meet Micky’s Angels. That’s how fdad Cedric “Micky” Jones refers to his daughters – triplets Jamiya, Safiya and Takiya – who were all born last Saturday. While Jones was not there when the DAILY NATION paid a visit to the trio at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday, proud mother Rashada Deane, 23, said her bundles of joy were not expected. “We were not planning for children and now I have three [more]. When I found out, I didn’t know how to feel; I did everything except cry,” she said. Deane admitted to feeling relief as “the weight was gone” and she could move around more after being restricted to bed rest for the past seven weeks. Deane is now the mother of four since she already has a four-year-old son named Rashandre. She said that both she and Jones had a history of triplets and twins in their respective families. It seems history has repeated itself. (CA)

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