Dowell after another singles


Added 09 November 2012


Like many table tennis players and sportsmen generally, Mark Dowell has been bitten by the politics of sport. Nevertheless, he remains one of the top players on the local circuit, one with a reputation for outshining his more illustrious teammates when facing regional and international opposition. That will be of little value, however, when he comes up against fellow national player Aaron Barker as he seeks to add to his solitary national singles title at the Table Tennis Centre, Nursery Drive, tomorrow night. The two will square off in the Premier League and in the singles event for players rated 2000 and above. Like Barker, Dowell is less than fully fit, carrying a rotator cuff injury of the left shoulder. Despite this, he is confident of doing well in the finals and adding to the men’s singles championship he won in the men’s Islandwide Open in 2009. “We both know each other’s game. We don’t hide anything from each other because we are both looking to get to the next level, but I will be looking to win for sure,” Dowell told WEEKENDSPORT.“I will stay focused and look to execute my game plan.” (PH)

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