Squatters with 'no choice'

CAROL MARTINDALE, carolmartindale@nationnews.com

Added 09 November 2012


It is easy to say it is wrong for someone to build a house on land which does not belong to them. It is also easy to see why they should be moved and why no amenities should be provided for them. But what is not so easy to see are the circumstances which lead a person to occupy land they do not own. This week Street Beat is taking a look at a few of the people making Rock Hall, St Philip, their home, to give a human face to the situation. The area has been in the Press on more than one occasion as it was said it is along the flight path for airplanes heading into the Grantley Adams international Airport and houses there were a potential threat to air traffic due to light reflecting off the roofs, among other issues. In the past, Government has placed eviction notices on dwellings there, but people continue to live in Rock Hall as, according to them, they have nowhere else to go. This is the situation facing Shelliann Yearwood. A mother of three, she said she was faced with the stark reality of not being able to continue to afford to keep a roof over her children’s heads. (CA)

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