Warrens volleyball queens

Kenmore Bynoe,

Added 09 November 2012


Warrens Sports Club can mark 2012 as the year in which they officially came into existence as well as the year when they defied the odds to win a Premier League basketball crown and then added the Goddard Enterprises Limited Division 1 Women’s Volleyball League title too. After experiencing a see-saw battle with Brydens Rockets for the entire season, Warrens entered their final match expected to defeat Toners on Wednesday night although the Toners previously scored two wins over Rockets, who were in the hunt for a first double crown. Down two sets and then 1-8, in the decider at the Wildey Gym, Warrens snuck home 19-25, 23-25, 25-20, 25-10, 15-13.   Many of the Warrens players then left the Gym as the Rockets just needed to beat the struggling deposed queens Freekz Customz Chargers to take their second crown. However, Chargers played their best game of the league season to slam Rockets 25-13, 25-21, 25-19 to leave them bewildered on 47 points, while Warrens celebrated on 52. While captain Tonya Joseph and her teammates seemed keen to exact revenge on Rockets, who had started their slide following defeat in the knockout final, Rockets played a horrible match. The system of depending on the attack of one player – Shari Matthews – collapsed as Chargers played a stifling net game and a surreal ground defence.  Furthermore, Rockets’ support crew like Lisa Austin haemorrhaged more points than Matthews could infuse. Warrens captain Talya Layne expressed the hope that their success would attract both younger players and corporate support for their new club. “Our club was only formalized this year, and just like how Chargers and Deacons have been able to attract younger talent following their successes, we hope to do the same,” said the United States-trained Layne. Layne also expressed gratitude for the great support from the club’s basketballers during the season as well as from a group from Courtesy Garage who turned out for all of their games.   “Even when we the players felt that we had missed out on the title, those fans kept the faith,” Layne said. On a night of high drama, TeleBarbados Sentry Insurance Brokers Deacons women moved in on the third position by surviving a scare from Safe Carlton 21-25, 26-24, 20-25, 25-17, 15-5. Deacons are to meet Chargers in the lone outstanding fixture. The final men’s game saw Cawmere missing out on the second spot as, in spite of a tremendous game from Shawn Simpson, they were edged by Sandy Crest Deacons 25-22, 19-25, 25-17, 20-25, 15-5. Women’s standings: Warrens 52 points (10 wins-2 losses), Rockets 47 (9-3), Deacons 39 (7-4), Chargers 35 (6-5), Toners 35 (6-6), Carlton 22 (3-9), Club United 3 (0-12). Men’s standings: Chargers 46 (9-1), Deacons 40 (7-3), Cawmere 39 (7-3), Progressive 28 (5-5), Juniors 13 (2-8), Foundation United 7 (0-10)

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