Busy season for marshals

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Added 10 November 2012


‘Tis the season for the writ server to be quite busy. The silly season is bringing increasing work for the court marshals as lawsuits are flying  back and forth. The case load started a while ago but apparently the momentum has picked up following mass meetings and mass canvassing in recent times. Observers say that oftentimes  the platform had not even been dismantled before opposers were consulting with their lawyers. The writ servers are expected  to turn up at a short man’s  place of business on behalf  of two of his opposers whom  he challenged recently. He was absent from a very important place in The City last week and so avoided any confrontation but the wounded  two are saying it was a low blow and they intend to share  some lashes. But word is that the absentee might have been away consulting with his own lawyers as he too intended to action  one of their colleagues. After the fierce verbal battle  on the financial fortunes of the country, the guru is hoping  to come into a windfall of his own. He is suing over a figure that has nothing to do with money. However, if he is successful, the income could secure his retirement in case the outcome of a certain pending event is not in his favour and he ends up among the touted jobless numbers.   Surprise visit You could have heard  a pin drop when a certain  legal activist made a house call  last week. Dissatisfied with the pace  of a particular settlement, counsel wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth so he, so to speak,  took the bull by the horns. His sudden appearance in  the dining room with a seat next  to the host startled some of the diners. Since the legal beagle’s case has created public spectacles  all ears were pricked. Two diners in particular  were seen straining their ears  to hear what the host was telling  the legal rep when he leaned  over to him. The legal rep left smiling, but  the other two diners with an  interest in the matter had frowns  on their faces. It would appear that instead  of helping every last plaintiff  the two were more concerned  about what’s in it for them.   Fall from grace The resounding “no” could be  heard all across Barbados  recently when a former deputy approached her boss with  a heartfelt request. She wanted to use a one-time kingmaker as part of the  strategy for an upcoming  islandwide event. But her boss said no  way would he pay such  a person who, about five years  ago, as part of his rival’s  camp blasted him up and  down Barbados. It appears that the once influential man is not wanted  in his former camp and it goes double for the leader of the  opposing camp. Pundits are saying it is  a mighty long fall for the man  who now finds himself  on the outside looking in.

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