What's Trending: BLP, DLP in focus

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Added 12 November 2012


The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados. Readers are responding today to comments made by Minister of Agriculture David Estwick who begged Barbadians not to be “hoodwinked” into buying bankrupt companies or into giving Opposition Leader Owen Arthur a chance to privatize the country’s education and health sector. This is what some readers are saying: Reeko Lynch: “DLP doing what they do best; playing down the plans of others without saying what they themselves plan to bring to the table. Just like their leader, speechless!” Wayne Codrington: “BLP talking about jobs lost under DLP when jobs all over the globe are dropping come with something else. Lke what did BLP do for the 14 to 15 years they were in power?” Paul Arthur: “People try to brush up things but look around plain and simple facts don't lie. The DLP government is doing more in four years than the BLP did in 14 and I think they will do even more in the next term.” Alejuandro Hykovami Tezu: “I would like you all to stop this blaming game, it's old. If the country goes down, all of us go down with it. Shut up and come up with a solution not to only bring back the country to prosperity but also the people to unite as one. Country is no good if the people are divided over political nonsense/loyalty.”

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