Champ wants more contests


Added 13 November 2012


NEW DOUBLE table tennis champion Mark Dowell wants more local competitions to help boost playing standards. Dowell won the singles event for players rated 2000 and above and the Premier League,  both with victories  over Aaron Barker,  when the National Championships ended last weekend. “I wasn’t looking for it to be so easy,” he told NATIONSPORT.  “I was expecting  a much more difficult challenge from Aaron because he is playing  the best tennis  of his life right now.  But due to the fact  that he is hurt it didn’t allow him to give his usual high standard of play.” Like Barker, who has  a knee injury, Dowell  went into the finals carrying an injury –  to the left shoulder –  but it proved not to be  a major handicap. “It was hurting a bit but not to the point where I wasn’t in control,”  he explained. “I am going to work  on my fitness and  look to take my game  to another level.” Dowell, who has been representing Barbados  for a decade, is keen to see more tournaments on the table tennis calendar.   He reflected on the time when there were tournaments at the end  of every month during  the out-of-season period. “We need more tournaments that are completed in one day rather than being drawn out over several weeks,” Dowell said, citing the Professor Moseley  Top 16 tournament  held earlier this year  as a good example. He said financial incentives should be available so as  to encourage  more participation.

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