Family doubt death at store

Maria Bradshaw,

Added 18 October 2012


A GRIEVING family are rejecting a police theory that Clinton Norton broke and entered Liquidation Centre and bled to death after receiving a cut to his wrist by glass. Joseph Norton, father of the deceased man, whose body was found in a dark upstairs room of the Bay Street store on September 3, told the DAILY NATION yesterday that several bruises and burn marks on his son’s body suggested that he was beaten and tortured to death. The man, who telephoned the NATION from his New York office also complained that the police had not fully cooperated with the family and as a result they were hoping to have a Coroner’s inquest conducted as a matter of urgency. Norton said that he last saw his son in Guyana when he visited him with his grandson in August and recalled that he had to request a wheelchair for him at the airport when he was leaving because he had an ongoing health problem with his knees.

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