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Added 19 October 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Today’s Weekend Nation front page story which revealed that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart seems set to meet with Barbados Investors Policyholders Association (BIPA) was a hot topic with our readers. Some of our online readers were quick to comment on this development. Princess Tiny Neferua: I see that hibernation time is over Mr.PM but I hope when you get up to elaborate on all the troubling issues concerning Clico and us policy holders getting our monies, that it won’t be to put us on a layaway plan like you all did with Mr Barrack. But it will be to give us a positive and definite answer or you will see that because of all our build up frustrations an X will be very hard to require from us come election day. Diane Barrow: It’s about time. Princess Jasmine: Yeah, the election is close, so the sleeping giant has finally awoken and is ready to meet the people cries. Clico has the primary responsibility, but the sleeping giant had a dream.......mmmmmm really now?? Paul Arthur: Wait the PM is the general manager of Clico? And that talk about the BLP would have done this and that, what the BLP did was to get out their money and leff wunna to suffer. I can't wait till the day when Bajans think for themselves and stop getting fat off Nation fast food information. None of these comments I saw people mad at Trinidad but wunna ready to drag down your own PM for something he didn't cause or create. Blame CLICO and stop dragging down ya own. Henderson Yarde: In this day and age, educated people still buying into the cornbeef and biscuits politricks. Clico’s problems did not start over night, so you should ask the former P.M who is now promising that he will borrow to payback Clico policy-holders; why didn’t he act on this Clico issue way back when the Supervisor of Insurance raised this issue and wanted to stop Clico from issuing any new policies prior to 2006? Dwayne Jack: Election time, that’s a large group of voters dey yuh.  

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