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Added 21 October 2012


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder-Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Today’s Sunday Sun feature “Head hits out” where Principal Matthew Farley speaks out against Harrison College colleague Winston Crichlow who didn’t side with him on last week’s suspension of 265 students has our online readers talking. Some of them expressed their views on this hot button issue. Mr. Psychotic: Were I Mr. Farley, I would be upset too.  Added to that, there are certain school where struggles to maintain discipline and the dress code will be harder; the problems that Mr. Farley will experience will hardly be experienced (in those numbers) at Mr. Crichlow's school anyway. Cheese On: Stand your ground Farley. Workplaces have dress codes and we abide by them if we want to keep our job. School also has a dress code and you are right the parents and students should also abide by them. Imagine in 2012 we are still dealing with inappropriate hems, socks and hairstyles. Is the interest in education or fashion? Tony Waterman: What I don't understand is why is this article referring to Principal Farley as "embattled" ? Here again is my reason for once calling the Chief Education Officer useless, he proved it with Alexandra and is about to do the same thing again by not coming out and supporting Principal Farley. We now know that his department along with BAAPS had agreed to this Uniform Protocol since 2009. If all this is true, then Principal Farley has done absolutely nothing wrong and should be having the full support verbally of the Chief Education Officer and his Department. Why is Principal Farley being castigated for enforcing the rules? We don't need another Alexandra.

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