UK requests extradition of Misick


Added 10 January 2013


PROVIDENCIALS, Turks and Caicos Islands  -The United Kingdom has made a request for the extradition of former Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick who is being held in a Brazilian jail following after his December arrest in the South American nation on an international warrant. Under an agreement with Brazil, the British authorities have 60 days from the date of arrest to formally request his extradition said the Turks and Caicos Islands’ (TCI) Attorney General’s office said in a statement yesterday. "Michael Misick is the subject of an extradition request made lawfully and properly, in accordance with the relevant Treaty in place between the UK and Brazil, as extended to the Turks and Caicos Islands,” the Attorney General said . “As such, he is currently being held in accordance with the terms of this Treaty, under a provisional warrant of arrest.” “It is intended that this request be submitted in Jan 2013,” the statement said. “Following this Mr Misick will have the opportunity to consider whether he wishes to contest his extradition.” (CMC)

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