Inniss: A political joke


Added 14 January 2013


Government Parliamentarian Donville Inniss has dismissed the Opposition’s boycott of Parliament from tomorrow as a poorly-thought-out plan that might eventually embarrass the Barbados Labour Party. It was clear that “no serious thought” had gone into the boycott threat and that the BLP was simply trying to find an issue to take into the election campaign, the MP for St James South told the DAILY NATION yesterday. “As far as I and many people are concerned the Barbados Labour Party has boycotted Parliament since February 2008,” he charged. “Its contribution to parliamentary debates has been so infrequent and irrelevant the impression is given that Parliament is not taken seriously by the BLP. “In this context, therefore, the latest statement about a boycott is nothing but a political joke which could well cause some embarrassment when people ask what really is the BLP’s performance record in Parliament. Even BLP supporters would come to the painful conclusion that their members are grossly overpaid.” (TY)

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