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Rains impact sugar industry

CAROL MARTINDALE, carolmartindale@nationnews.com

Added 14 January 2013


The strong showers experienced over the past few weeks have been caused by an Atlantic high pressure ridge, which also results in stronger winds, forecasters say. The unsettled weather has even caused the sugar industry to rethink next month’s start of the annual harvest. The Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology’s Kathy-Ann Caesar said that as the rainy season made way for the dry season traditionally there was very cool air coming across the Atlantic, so the cool air passing over warm water made the atmosphere unstable. “What may be unusual right now is that the showers are a bit heavier,” the meteorologist said. “That is because you have a bit more instability and it is windier too.” Scattered showers and brisk showers could be expected since the wind would push the clouds, she said. (LK)  

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