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Added 15 January 2013


Today’s Daily Nation story of a rare Loggerhead turtle whose front flippers were hacked off and is now back in its marine environment has our online readers buzzing. Many of them expressed outrage at this act. Here are some of their comments. RZI Photography: We hope our little friend recovers from this cruel act! Thanks for helping him out Adrian Heal and Dr. Gus Reader.  Peter Jan Boos: This is as cruel a thing to do as is imaginable. Sick,sick,sick. Ayanna Young Marshall: Shame on the coward who did this. Let us protect our sacred turtles please. Charmaine N. Walters: What the hell kind of people have we become? This was so senseless! I am grateful to the persons who found her and assisted her. Melissa Batson: I'm glad the turtle is alive but I'm just concerned that without its front flippers that his chance for survival has lessened (not being able to swim properly). Wish we had a sea life reserve for cases like this. Deswyn Haynes: What is wrong with Barbadians? Explain to me what the turtle did to them? I would hack off the culprits limbs. Can the turtle survive without its front flippers? Why are people so cruel?   Please see our Facebook page for additional comments.

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