What's Trending: Strike on hold

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Added 16 January 2013


The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados. Readers are this morning talking about the fact that the planned national strike has now been put on hold. The planned strike was over the way LIME went about the retrenchment of 97 workers. This is what some are saying about the new development. Paul Lion Arthur: “PM Stuart steps in again, this man is a real boss. The only man that could have gotten them to delay the strike action.” John-Ros Johnson: “That’s good. Hope they solve  this thing. Hope it don’t come around elections time or some people will lose votes.” Titus Thomas: “No strike was never going to happen. I really feel for those LIME workers that are being used. This is a Trottie-Freundell show. Will not work with intelligent Barbadians.”

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