What's Trending: Police probing baby finding

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Added 02 January 2013


The Naton's Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What's Trending today in Barbados. The story trending this morning is about the baby who was discovered in a drawer. Police are investigating the discovery of a newborn’s decomposed body  in a St James home on Boxing Day. Reports indicate that the baby was delivered of a young woman, who not too long ago had also given birth to a baby girl and abandoned her. This is what some readers are already saying about this development: Margaret Ross: "So sad.This young lady, and I don't know her situation, but after reading that she also had another kid recently; something doesn't seem right. Safe travels little one. RIP." Janine Greaves: "Too many youngsters watching too much tv and following suit of nonsense they see. This truly breaks my heart. I don't know the mother's situation but this was not the correct choice to make. RIP little one." Conchita Moseley: Why? I can't believe that social services knowing that this young mother had abandoned her first child allowed her to keep this second baby. Even with supervision this baby would have been in danger. The mother is obviously not well. She needs help. May the little angel R I P. So many childless families might have wanted to adopt the child."

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