Family grieving over drowning

Lisa King,

Added 04 January 2013


Nkiruka Grant no longer has her beloved uncle Ashantio Sealy to play with her everyday or watch her favourite shows on the computer with her. Last Sunday, 35-year-old Ashantio lost his life while swimming at Long Bay, St Phillip. Yesterday, as the family spoke from their Bentham’s, Wellhouse, St Philip home, his father Samuel Sealy said that the loss was proving very challenging for the entire family but moreso for Ashantio’s four-year-old autistic niece Nkiruka, with whom he spent a lot of time. “He loved his niece; he would always play with her.   “She is looking for him. Even though she cannot say, ‘Where is uncle’, she would go and open his bedroom, then she started to get miserable. She knows that something is not right with all the different people coming to the house,” Sealy said.

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