'Deaths on the road avoidable'

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Added 05 January 2013


Barbados recorded the highest number of road deaths in the last five years in 2012, and the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) is urging the police to show no mercy to those who break the road traffic laws. Reflecting on the 28 deaths and the hundreds who were injured in road accidents last year, BRSA president Sharmane Roland-Bowen said in her New Year’s message that the majority of road deaths and injuries were avoidable. “We must clamp down on those who break the road traffic laws. Police presence on our roads must be more visible to assist in the deterrence of traffic violations and other dangerous practices. “Our police officers must show no mercy to those persons caught breaking our traffic rules and engaging in antisocial behaviours such as racing and performing stunts on our highways. “Our judicial system also needs to send a strong message to persons who cause death by dangerous or reckless driving by sentencing offenders to a prison term instead of fining them,” Roland-Bowen noted. (YB)  

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