Minors in sex scandal

Tim Slinger,

Added 27 February 2011

EDUCATION AUTHORITIES are faced with a bizarre case in which a seven-year-old primary schoolboy is accused of sexually assaulting two eight-year-old girls. The incident occurred two Thursdays ago at a primary school in the north and the parents of one of the two victims are adamant that the offending child and two other pupils who contributed to their daughter’s ordeal should be removed from the school. Reports also indicated that despite his tender age, the seven-year-old boy had previously been suspended for another infringement of the school’s rules. “It is a very painful thing to watch your little daughter humiliated in such a way,” the victim’s father told the SUNDAY SUN yesterday. According to reports, the assault involving the eight-year-old occurred in a classroom during a luncheon break. Further reports indicated that the two other pupils (a girl and boy), believed to be between the age of seven and nine, held the little girl down while the sexual assault was carried out. The girl’s father said he first knew of the incident last Monday when he was summoned to the school by the principal. “Although one of my daughter’s schoolmates had enquired if anything was mentioned to me, I only knew about the incident when the principal called. and when I got to the school, [the principal] related that my daughter was involved in a very serious matter,” he said. The father said the ordeal was so traumatic that his daughter began crying and started to vomit. “Every time I think about this thing, it is hurting,” he said, adding that the girl’s mother had not eaten properly since news of their daughter’s plight had been revealed. When contacted yesterday, the principal refused to comment on the matter. However, reports state that a psychologist is expected to visit the school tomorrow to speak with the pupils involved. Under the laws of Barbados, the boy, because of his age (seven), cannot be held criminally responsible for his actions. Meanwhile, the father said he would await the outcome of the investigations before he consulted a lawyer for legal direction in the matter.

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