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Added 27 January 2013


The Nation’s Associate Editor, Sherie Holder–Olutayo takes a look at what’s trending today in Barbados. Several of our online readers are talking about Bradston Clarke, deputy principal of St Leonard’s Boys’ School who was sent on leave in 2007 and is still searching for answers. Clarke is receiving his full salary for work that he isn’t doing. Our online readers weighed in on this story. Donna Juanita Walrond-Howell: I understand his story, but I would sit back and collect the $7,000 every month and keep my mouth shut. If they want to give away free money, so be it, who are you to stop them. They have people in Barbados working for less than $1,200 a month, so please take the money and enjoy your years with your grandson! Come to New York for a vacation, go to England, do something, but please don’t complain about the money...just take it! Princess Tiny Neferua: I understand that you are trying to find answers to this situation. If you were home and not getting paid I would say that was a big deal..but here it is you are receiving a hefty salary and sitting here moping about not being able to go into a school and teach. Why not throw open your doors and offer free lessons to some needy kids a couple of days a week. Put the past behind if this was a challenge in your life over come it by moving on with a positive outlook.  Olutoye Walrond: It might surprise some of you but there are some people for whom money is not the ultimate goal. He not only wants to work for his living, he wants a hearing and resolution of the issue. Phew! Another sad case of the administrative sloth and inertia that is killing the development of this country. Feelit Likeme: Boy sit back and collect free money.

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