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Added 23 October 2012


The Nation's Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What's Trending in Barbados today. When Opposition St Philip South candidate Anthony Wood said that 16 000 private sector jobs have been lost over the past five years readers were swift to respond. Wood is warning Government that while its immediate focus might be on saving public sector jobs, it also had an equal responsibility to protect private sector employment. Readers had this to say: Javier Maynard:  "Really? Where's the proof, who did the surveys, polls? Who are these people doing these studies and giving these numbers?" John Herbert: "Anyone 'fact check' that or we will just run with it?" Suzette Lashley: "Says who? Wood? Where did he come from all of a sudden? Signs and wonder." Princess Tiny Neferua: "I thought they say employment was the best it was in years? I probabaly was reading the New York Times."

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