Ruling on Garcia's conditions later today

Barry Alleyne,

Added 24 October 2012


Detained Cuban Raul Garcia may not earn his freedom today, but a High Court judge will rule later this afternoon on if the conditions under which he is currently being held by the Immigration Department should be improved. Sitting in the Supreme Court No. 6 this morning, Madame Justice Margaret Reifer adjourned the 'Habeus corpus' matter for four hours, so attorneys from the Solicitor General's chambers representing the Minister responsible for Immigration and the Chief Immigration officer could engage in dialogue regarding an amelioration of Garcia's conditions at the house where he is currently being detained in Dalkieth, St Michael. At the moment, Garcia is locked up for 23 hours of every day, with the other hour used for exercise only. The judge adjourned the matter just after 10.30 a.m. to allow attorney for the Ministry of Immigration and Chief Immigration Officer, Donna K. Brathwaiteand her partner attorney Margareta Jordan Watson to have discussions regarding the betterment of Garcia's conditions until the full matter is heard at a later date. A ruling on that matter will be made around 2 p.m. today. A bespectacled Garcia arrived at the No 6 court dressed in a mauve polo shirt and beige pants, surrounded by Immigration Department officials. During the morning arguments, Garcia kept his hands clasped and between his knees, or constantly tugging his ears, while also having eye-contact with his attorney. Developing story

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