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Sanka Price,

Added 24 October 2012


Not having 25 cents to give away may have cost 28-year-old Christopher Nedd his life on Monday night. And by yesterday evening, his relatives were fighting to come to grips with a second sudden death in the family. The woman, in her 30s, reportedly collapsed and died upon hearing of Nedd’s passing. Nedd of Block 21D, Haynesville, was reportedly stabbed eight times about the body around 11 p.m. He later died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). His last words to his aunt Heather Ward-Skeete as relatives applied towels to his wounded neck that was squirting blood were: “You would believe that a man just stabbed me in my neck for my quart?” Nedd died nearly a month after surviving a cutlass attack, which left both of his hands severely injured. That attack, as well as Monday night’s, occurred roughly 300 metres from his home in an area called Florida. The two incidents seemed unrelated. A visibly shaken Ward-Skeete, at whose home the unemployed Nedd resided, as well as his older sister Lauralyn Nedd, told the MIDWEEK NATION the deceased would not have been able to defend himself as the fingers on his right hand were seized up like a claw from the injuries he suffered in the earlier incident, while two fingers on the left were also arched.They said he spent four days in the QEH last month after surgery. He was getting physiotherapy for his hands and in fact had an appointment scheduled for today. “If anybody asked him to do anything he would do it. He just used to talk when people troubled him, but he never used to trouble anybody,” said a sorrowful looking Lauralyn.“They did not have to do him so because he could not defend himself,” said Ward-Skeete. Nedd’s mother Susan Ward was very shaken up. She said from her Bush Hall, St Michael home that of her four children she always looked out for Nedd most as she spent seven months in the QEH pregnant with him.“I told the doctors however he born I wanted him because he was mine, so I went in the hospital with him at two months [pregnant],” Ward said.She related how her son, who was dyslexic and a slow learner, was bullied from school days. It came to a point where she had him transferred to the Learning Centre. There he excelled as an athlete, including winning the victor ludorum title one year. Since leaving school, Nedd did odd jobs. He also used to go for groceries for neighbours when asked. “He was a pleasant boy, always making sport,” said his mum, somehow managing a smile. “He loved children even though he didn’t have any of his own.” Last night, Ward confirmed that her late partner’s daughter Lorna Forde, who grew up with Nedd collapsed at her Brittons Hill, St Michael, residence on hearing about his death around 4 p.m. “I have not seen her for a while since her father died,” said Ward via telephone, her voice breaking. She was too distraught to speak any more.Police said a man was in custody assisting with investigations into Nedd’s death.

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