Still waiting for house after Tomas


Added 25 October 2012


Dear Christine, I am a single mother and a victim of Tomas. I used to rent a house and the roof got blown off when this storm passed two years ago. I had to move and I am still waiting to be relocated by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) – all to no avail. I still visit the office and I also visited  my constituency representative (who is the Prime Minister). I live at a family member. I have children going to school and it’s very hard. I went to three people at the NHC. I was told  on a Tuesday that they did not have any houses available, yet the following day a house was made available to a young woman whose  story appeared  in the newspaper. Why am I so unlucky? Another situation I am dealing with relates to the children. I have two children for one man and  I receive support through the court. The father owes over  $4 000 in arrears and nothing is being done by the court to retrieve this money. I went to get a welfare grant for the children and officials there said they could not get me a grant because the father of the children was in court for child maintenance. What help is this? The magistrate told the children’s father to pay  off the arrears by paying $75 a week. He pays $75 a month or every two to three months. I work, but I have  to send the children to school, buy food and still pay the bills. It is very hard. – A   Dear A, I cannot answer  all your questions without making  a thorough investigation. I will tell you, however, that the answer  to your case concerning child maintenance  rests primarily with your children’s father. I also believe that  the court should do more to ensure that  he is paying what  he should. Too many of these complaints are also coming to my attention and I do not have the solution. I can only print  your letter for the relevant authorities  to see. I will look into the other case and get back to you. – CHRISTINE

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