Don't hate Garcia!

Barry Alleyne,

Added 25 October 2012


Stop the hating on Raul Garcia. That’s what attorney-at-law David Comissiong pleaded with the Barbadian public to do yesterday. “Hate Cuba for not letting him back to his home. Hate the United States for not letting him back there. But stop hating Raul Garcia for wanting his freedom,” Comissiong told reporters outside the No 6 Supreme Court. The lawyer’s public call came after Justice Margaret Reifer mediated with Comissiong and attorneys from the Solicitor General’s Office for almost two hours before offering concessions in the conditions under which Garcia is detained at a house in Dalkeith, St Michael. “I trust the Barbadian people will understand the situation. They may be vexed with the Government of the United States and the Government of Cuba, but don’t be vexed with Mr Garcia. He committed a crime, but has served his time, and deserves to be free.”

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