Concern over West Coast plan


Added 26 October 2012


Hoteliers and other businesspeople in Holetown have raised concerns about the $42 million Coastal Risk Assessment and Management Programme 2012–2017 currently taking place on the West Coast. Some of the worries related to the number of groynes being constructed, whether people would still be able to access the beaches during the construction phases, the restoration and breaching of the Holetown lagoon and the anticipated stench  from that operation. However, representatives of the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU), which is responsible for executing the Inter-American Development Bank-funded project, gave assurances that every effort would be made to ensure that there would be little or no impact on stakeholders, especially those in the tourist industry. The assurance was given during a public meeting with contractors and stakeholders at the Trents Community Centre on Wednesday night. (MM)

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