DEAR CHRISTINE: Restaurant made pal and me sick


Added 29 October 2012


Dear Christine, I am writing this letter to let you know about a restaurant I visited. I went to the restaurant to have lunch with a friend. I ordered pudding and souse and my friend ordered pelau. We both sat and ate our lunch, but after eating, my stomach felt very upset and I wanted to vomit. I went to an employee and told her the food was “off”. She said the inspector needed to visit the restaurant because the boss lady told them to wash off the souse to use back the next week, and the boss lady leaves rice in the deep freeze to use for other days. The employee said she was only holding on until she could get something better. She even said that the boss puts the fish in the deep freeze and the next day puts it in the microwave to heat up for breakfast or lunch. She said the deep freeze wanted cleaning and the light bulb needed to be changed. After all of this, I had to go to the doctor because I was still having stomach aches and was vomiting all the time. I told the doctor what happened and I was diagnosed with food poisoning. Christine, I don’t want any other person to get food poisoning from this restaurant, so please call in the food inspector. – S.T. Dear S.T., What you have just described is very serious. Having visited the doctor, I think you are in a good position to call the health inspectors at the Ministry of Health and ask them to look into the operations at this restaurant. Tell them about your experience. This should be done immediately. This could also be a legal matter, as your health was put at risk. Don’t allow this incident to go unchecked. – CHRISTINE

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