TALK BACK: Lock Garcia down 24/7; set him free

Carol Martindale,

Added 29 October 2012


Raul Garcia is back in the news again. Our online readers didn’t waste any time commenting on the recent development this past week when efforts were made to “ease” his conditions. Today Garcia remains a detained man. However, a High Court judge intervened to improve conditions under which he is being detained by the Immigration Department. Arguments from lawyers to deal with his complete freedom will have to wait until November 21. Justice Margaret Reifer granted a number of private concessions to the detained Cuban-born, American-raised and Barbadian-rehabilitated former drug dealer, which should make living conditions easier at the house in Dalkeith, St Michael, where he is confined.   This is what readers had to say on this controversial issue: Scofield Forde: Keep him locked down 24/7. Don’t give him any privileges; he should be still in Dodds, not in a home at Dalkeith. We don’t need him on our streets. Robert Hollaway: Twenty-three hours locked up and one hour exercise – and he is a free man? Probably had a better life in Dodds working outside, in the library. The issue is for the Government to work out how to get him back to Cuba as the States will not bend on their rules. At least cut some slack. He could work within the barracks area, I think. Been almost a year now since this started. Junior Moore: Just totally free the man and stop with the runaround thing now. It has been a long time now for him. Spooner Lorraine: It’s amazing how people get bent out of shape and carry on with each other over issues they can’t change and which are bigger than them. Besides, as everyone is entitled to an opinion, I dare say that before one speaks he or she should think. Ryan Wood: It really can’t be that hard. Let him go, keep an eye on him. He might even flee the island; but he has served his time like others. Stop wasting our money. Philip Hunte: We must be cautious with this situation. Garcia should not be permitted to live as he likes in Barbados . . . . Sir Wesley Hall was also on the lips of readers when Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave dubbed the cricket legend Barbados’ newest knight. Sharon Woolley: Many congratulations, and well deserved. Kim Singletary: Well deserved, Sir Wes Hall, may God continue to bless you. Glendene Bovell: Was a long time coming. Congratulations, Sir Wesley Hall. Jason Belle: Congrats, Sir Wes. You were always a Sir in my heart. • Carol Martindale is the Nation’s Online Editor.

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