Eager to serve

Dawne Parris and Mike King,

Added 29 October 2012


The public service commission (PSC) is being challenged to declare whether or not the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) St Joseph candidate should be allowed to continue teaching at a Government primary school while contesting the next general election. But the man at the centre of the query – Dennis Holder – has declared that he’s ready to give up his 28 years in the teaching service if he’s forced to make a choice. “I am so much interested in seeing better for St Joseph that I am prepared to give up my teaching profession,” the 50-year-old teacher at A. DaCosta Edwards Primary School told the DAILY NATION. “I would sacrifice my profession for my constituents; that’s how strongly I feel about them and how much I care about them. I honestly believe that I have a tremendous amount of input that I can lend to the constituency since it has had none over the years. It is one of the most neglected constituencies in Barbados.”

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