Defiant Sinckler

Ricky Jordan,

Added 29 October 2012


The Barbados Labour Party has taken legal action against Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler for alleging that it will send home public sector workers if it regains power. But Sinckler is insisting that thousands would indeed be laid off under that party’s privatization plan. Telling party faithful at last night’s joint Democratic Labour Party meeting of the St George South and St Michael North-East constituencies that he was facing a case of defamation, he asked: “You know they got me in court? They say I defame them because I said that they will lay off 10 000 public workers. “I don’t mind because I know in their portals, in their secret corners and meetings, they have cast up in their minds that apparently, somehow or the other, I stand between them and Bay Street. I am a problem for them, so they must attack me; but let them do it, because they shall be hanged by their own words.”

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