What's Trending: BLP 15-point plan

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Added 29 October 2012


The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados. Opposition Leader Owen Arthur’s 15-point plan to improve governance in Barbados if the Barbados Labour Party is returned to power is engaging the attention of a number of our readers. Part of the plan includes a new tax rate for middle income earners, a land tax ease and a return to 15 per cent VAT. Our readers are commenting on these plans. John Da Silva: “How are they going to bring the deficit down by lowering taxes?” DK Williams: “Seems like a classic strategy to simply win votes.” Titus Thomas: Government B or D needs to allow individuals room to spend, the Government needs to allow the private sector to grow. So yes we need a tax ease on the expense side and pay increase for the income side. There is no easy way out but government needs to take the load…” Higman Peters: “The more money people have to spend it's better for the economy. If the 2.5 per cent on VAT is removed, it will be more money in the hands of the consumers. The Dems promised $50 per child so I must ask, where is that money coming from? Politics is all about promises.” For more comments log on to the Nation's Facebook page

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