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Added 30 October 2012


PRIME MINISTER FREUNDEL STUART does not believe that Jimmy Serrao, former chairman of the Electoral & Boundaries Commission,  should serve as campaign manager of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in the next general election. Warning that Serrao would run the risk of having his name dragged through the mud by taking up the position, Stuart said he would not have put Serrao in that position if he were a leader in the BLP. But Serrao has dismissed this as “a lot of junk”. At Sunday night’s joint St George North-St Michael North East Democratic Labour Party (DLP) constituency branch meeting at St George Secondary School, Stuart said he had long known Serrao as “a man of unfailing integrity” who would now be in a difficult position where people would watch him to make sure “every I is dotted and every T is crossed”. “Personally, I would not, if I were in the position of any leader of the BLP, put Mr Serrao in the very difficult position of now having people watching him,” Stuart added.

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