What's Trending:BES eyes Arthur's plan

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Added 30 October 2012


The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending today in Barbados. Readers are today commenting on the views of the Barbados Economics Society that the Opposition Barbados Labour Party’s tax concession announced by leader Owen Arthur over the weekend will “just create a mess” in the economy. The BES says the plans will also widen the deficit unless a BLP government plans to get rid of several state corporations. This is what readers are saying: Alejuandro Hykoyami Tezu: “More than the economic mess the DLP created?” Titus Thomas: “We have a fiscal deficit that moved from a positive fiscal position to a negative .5 billion in 4.5 years …” Seeker Che Shane: “Who created VAT, Sandy cut 8 per cent and it was the worst thing at the time and then he was lauded after.  How many lost everything with Trade Confirmers, so shut up about CLICO. Do research on those people that were hit hard by the 8 per cent cut and see how they doing now . Owen promised to give back the 8 per cent and he didn't cause … Which country on this here planet not hard hit by the Global recession?”

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