Barbados plans to object to UN

Tony Best,

Added 03 December 2012


BARBADOS may not receive much assistance from United Nations agencies, but the world body is asking the island to pay more to help finance UN peacekeeping operations in different parts of the world. And the Caribbean country is planning to object to any increase in its share of peacekeeping expenses at this time, according to Joseph Goddard, its top UN diplomat in New York. “There is really no reason why we should be asked to pay more for peacekeeping than many of our neighbours in the Caribbean, Latin America and elsewhere in the developing world,” said Goddard. “The matter is now before one of the committees of the General Assembly, and it’s not clear how much we would be called upon to pay. The real issue is that we are being penalized because of our relatively high per capita income and our level of development. That shouldn’t happen. We don’t receive much development support from the UN, but we are being asked now to contribute more to peacekeeping.”

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